Monday, August 1, 2011

the first show

last night we played a backyard show in our neighborhood of bed stuy.
the show was put on by the backyard series.

we were admittedly nervous since we haven't performed in over a year.
not to mention, we're accustomed to playing with 4 other people...
but it was a challenge we needed to accept and it totally paid off.
the songs really breathed and had dynamics.  very emotional.
hopefully we can track down some footage...
until then, here are a few pictures


  1. I know this is a somewhat old post, but I don't know where else to post. I just wanted to say I was a big Plus One fan back in the day. I reminisced and looked the members up to see what everyone was doing now, and saw that you (Nate) were in a band. So I became a fan of Castledoor, and loved some of the music you guys put out, especially "Dumpster Diving." I was sad to see you guys break up, but I became a fan of Doom & Gloom and downloaded the four songs you guys have available, and I love them all.

    Just wanted to encourage you and Liska to keep it up, because you have such an original sound and I absolutely love it. Looking forward to hopefully new music.

    Also, wondering if you guys could post lyrics to the four songs you have on your bandcamp page?

    Also, wondering what happened since the PlusOne days. You claimed to be a Christian, and it seems you've turned away from that (if I'm looking at the right myspace, it says you're agnostic now). Just wondering what happened!

    Again, you've got a fan here and wish you guys the best in your music aspirations!