Tuesday, January 11, 2011

chasing down the smoke

photo: grand army plaza - with friends jamie & moses - 1.9.11


we've been writing lots recently.
a bunch of garageband snippits with temporary titles like "google maps" and "liska jam."
particularly excited about a new one called "small town bands"
it was born out of that neil young acoustic deserty sound scape and feeling.
then we scrapped that recording and started over.  can't describe it anymore.

brando (best bud/castledoor bassist) sent us some demos recently.
we really freaked - they sound so fresh and amazing.
it's more soulful than anything we've ever done.
i sang a chorus on one of them...hopefully we'll finish it soon.
we're gonna send him "small town bands" so he can add parts to it.
should be an interesting experiment.


  1. Woo woo. I want to hear the new stuff, especially the brando collab. I've always liked his Gallery stuff :)

  2. i'm ready for new music!
    keep writing!