Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so long, los angeles

los angeles is a special city and we've made memories here that will last us for-e-verrrr.
now, after more than 5 years, we've decided to switch it up.

so here we go... bye bye l.a. and hello new york.  brooklyn, to be more specific.  bed stuy, to be exact.
last week we traveled there for a mad apartment hunt.
after no sleep and an insane-but-soon-to-be-normal amount of walking we were feeling overwhelmed.
the weight began to lift when we found a beautiful renovated brownstone.

the goal is to go and live and build our life story...
not to stress over "making it" in the music world (whatever that even means anymore).
but don't get us wrong, we plan to write and play our little asses off like never before.

stay tuned...


  1. that means if yoou guys were to play concerts i wouldn't be able to go! :(

  2. so freaking excited for you guys - can't wait to keep up on the updates and live vicariously in ny through you. ahhh!